Friday, October 12, 2012

93 DAYS!!!

It's crazy how much more I enjoy life since I was accepted into the Disney College Program. Everything is better. Even things that bothered me before are enjoyable. Going to school, traffic, doing homework, chores, cleaning my room are all things that are nice now. I guess in the back of my mind I know DCP is in my near future. I'm excited for what's to come and know this is going to be a wonderful experience.

I've made many friends thanks to the Disney College Program. There is a Facebook group for Disney College Program hopefuls. It's a great tool to get to know one another, ask questions, and support one another during the DCP process. I know when I go down to Anaheim that I will have many friends which is nice to know.
This is the first time I am leaving home. I will miss my family, dogs, and friends a lot. I'm going to miss cuddling with little Blackie, home cooked meals, watching movies and shows with Lynnie Benz. There are going to be a lot of things I will miss but I know I'll be around a great group of people in Anaheim.

I made really good friends with Linnea Rose. She's from the Boston area. When she joined the Facebook group we immediately had a connection. I joke around and call her my twin because we have so many things in common. When I was accepted into the program she was still waiting. Days and days went by and she heard nothing. I was sad because I wanted her to be in the program with me. I was starting to get worried that she may not get in. This past Tuesday I came home from school and looked at the DCP Facebook group and there was a wave of acceptances. I grabbed my phone and texted Linnea, "CHECK YOUR EMAIL!!!!" After 4 long minutes of waiting for a text she responded, "I GOT IN!!!!!!!!!!!!" I was ecstatic. I was happier for her than I was for myself when I found out. We will be requesting to be roommates in the Anaheim apartments. Hopefully it all works out.

Currently I'm figuring out what I will need down in Anaheim. I've been writing lists and doing a little shopping. It's exciting planning everything and buying things because I never get to do this. I'm always broke but thankfully right before I was accepted I received my loan. There were no issues for once. Everything is falling right into place. I'm happy.


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