Sunday, March 17, 2013

No bra, no makeup and crazy, untamed hair!

Did I seriously just make a feast of a breakfast at 3am? Yup! This was a typical morning for me back home. I had very poor sleeping habits and would be insanely hungry at 3 in the morning.

I have to blame this morning of mine on stress. My poor Frehley, my handsome toy poodle, had his eyes removed yesterday. He has been blind for years and began developing issues with his eyes which resulted in him having constant migraines. Recently my family took him to the vet and they decided it was best to remove his eyes to get him out of his misery.

Yesterday afternoon I was sent a picture of Frehley post surgery and I couldn't help but cry. I can't help but cry right now thinking about him. I know this is the best thing for him but still I feel bad. We can't explain to him what happened but I know he is a strong little guy and this will help him live the rest of his life without pain.

Now enough with the sadness and let's move on to good stuff.

My diet here in Anaheim has consisted of Red Baron pizza, frozen waffles and fast food yet I have lost 14 pounds in the 62 days I have been here. I absolutely have to thank my job. Being a Custodial Guest Services Cast Member I am constantly moving. I walk all day and when I'm doing trash I am constantly lifting. I'm developing muscles in my arms along with an amazingly awesome watch tan that will blow your mind. 

I enjoy my job but I am starting to feel the effects of working full-time and being so physical. Even when I'm not working I am constantly doing something. There has really been no time to stop and rest but I did have the opportunity the other day to be a complete lazy bum and it was amazing. No bra, no makeup and crazy, untamed hair all day. It was AMAZING!!!! I slept, watched a movie, slept more and then watched a movie. It was just the day I needed to get me back on track.

Even on day 62 I am still meeting new people in the program and I'm even meeting people outside of the program. It's great knowing so many people. I seriously can't go a day without seeing a bunch of people I know. I feel like my Dad. I grew up with a Father who knew everyone no matter where we went. He made friends easily and I couldn't help but look up to that. As a child I was shy and had the worst social skills. It's crazy to be here today living on my own, being so far away from what was normal and having so many friends. It's crazy to think about how much I have experienced and grown so far. I've still got 5 months here and I'm ready to see where I end up.

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